What is Precision Manufacturing, and When Should It Be Used?

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Precision manufacturing is what happens when a design that requires very exact components is created and turned into a functioning item. Many businesses require highly fine tolerances that must be accurate. When it comes to aircraft parts, for example, this accuracy may save lives.

Engineers will create a product or component for a machine that meets certain specifications. It is then up to the production machining to bring it to the correct specs. There is a lot of pressure to not only create these precision parts fast and on budget.

This article will explain how this manufacturing method works and when it is employed.

CNC machine

Precision components are best made using a CNC machine. It lathes the surface of a substance, such as aluminum or another metal, with precise dimensions and tolerance. The concept is that it subtracts material in several dimensions until it achieves the exact dimension required to create something new. Some of the equipment can be precise to a few microns.

The technology is what allows these devices to be so exact. Previously, the pieces had to be made by hand. Because the tolerance had to be assessed by hand, there may have been some inaccuracies because the measuring instruments were not accurate enough.

CNC machines are becoming more technologically advanced. Precision manufacturing has made great strides because of the use of software for control and monitoring. The machine’s operator is now exclusively responsible for ensuring that the software is operational and that the equipment is not malfunctioning in any manner. It is a much more mechanized procedure.

Precision and accuracy

When attempting to be as precise as possible, there is the issue of diminishing returns. The irony is that precision and accuracy are not necessarily synonymous. When it comes to precision, it means getting as near to the desired value as feasible on a piece. This is desirable, but the goal is for the precision to be consistent from one piece to the next. That is accuracy.

To be lucrative, you must have a certain level of tolerance. This is the amount of deviation from the intended precision that is allowed. The higher the tolerance, the more expensive the product might be to manufacture. It’s a delicate balancing act. While dealing with accuracy, however, it must be as precise as possible for each component when dealing with potential threats.

Advantages of Precision Machining

There are several reasons why a product should be precisely manufactured. Not the least of which is precision. When adopting these techniques, there is also higher dependability. If even the smallest inaccuracy may cause a tragedy, it pays to have this level of precision and dependability in the product itself.

A further advantage of this method of production is the quick turnaround, even with very tight tolerances. The precision capabilities of the machines do not distract from the ability to complete the components rapidly.

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