Committed to passing on this proud tradition, LIANG YUAN ®; an authentic Chinese wedding specialist, supplies a wide range of traditional Chinese wedding costumes, intricate accessories, as well as wedding customary items. A team of professional consultants is also ready to assist couples with costumes selection, traditional wedding customs/procedures and wedding planning.

Origins of the traditional Chinese wedding costumes could be traced back to the Qing Dynasty, when the custom was first practiced in Guangdong and later popularised in other parts of the empire. On the wedding day, the bride would put on the wedding costume sewn by her mother for the entire wedding ceremony.

Inspired by Manchurian apparel designs, the garb is divided into 2 portions – the top (Guà) and the skirt (Qún). The entire costume is made up of 9 section of embroidered fabric which stands for infinity and longevity. Using traditional three-dimensional goldwork technique, each section is embroidered with propitious motifs like dragon and phoenix among lucky clouds, bats, entwined lotus flowers or peonies and etc. that represent blessings to the newly wed. The classification of costumes very much depends on the density of its goldwork; whereby the greater volume it’s, the higher ranking the costumes will be. Aside from goldwork; Qún Guà also even evolved to use colorful crystal beads, pearls, sequins and thread in embracing more contemporary innovation. With this art of beads threading and stitching; this dress naturally produce full spectrum of colors – definitely makes one head over heels in love with this glistening piece.

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