Hydro-Trent itself has been registered with Kementrian Kewangan Malaysia ( 150100: Semua Peralatan Sukatan/Ukuran ), Suruhanjaya Tenaga Class C, Construction Industry Development Board Grade G4-ME-E02-E03 ( CIDB ), SPAN & Syabas and many other state water authorities like SATU, SAJB, SAMB and PAIP.

Therefore, they can provide M & E  work including design, build and install all pumps and mechanical equipment for pump schemes and water supply infrastructure schemes. They are also working with consultants, contractors, developers as well as end users to undertake the M & E construction works for housing water supply schemes, upgrading works and refurbishment projects and also new pumping schemes with handing over to local authorities for Certificate of Fitness ( CF ) application process too.

Their extensive field experience and technical knowhow has made Hydro-Trent a reputation as a reliable and competitive M & E  Solutions provider in the field of water and wastewater industry.

For more information about  Water Treatment Plants Automation, please visit https://www.hydrotrent.com/