Types and main components of injection machines

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An injection machine is a machine used to produce plastic products formed by mold (mold).

Basic steps of injection molding

  1. The resin will be inserted into the cylinder through the ‘hopper’
  2. The plastic material will pass through the next screw groove into the cylinder.
  3. The plastic material cylinder will be heated by a ‘heater’ located outside the cylinder.
  4. Next into a plastic liquid.
  5. The melted plastic is pushed into the mold by a screw with a certain speed and pressure that is adjusted according to the mold.
  6. Next the plastic material that enters the mold will form a plastic product.

Main component

  • Injection unit – the part of an injection molding machine that serves to melt plastic materials, consisting of a hopper, barrel and screw.
  • Mold – the part of the injection molding machine where the molten plastic is printed and cooled
  • Gripper unit – the part of the injection machine that serves to grip the mold at the injection of material into the mold while providing the product release mechanism from the mold

Types of injection molding machines

Based on the mold clamping method

  • toggle chuck
  • hydraulic chuck

Based on the plastic ore melting process

  • single-stage plunger
  • two-stage screw-plunger
  • single-stage reciprocating-screw

Based on tonnage – Injection molding machines are distinguished by the amount of maximum clamping force that can be applied. They range from 5 tonnes for a 10 gram product to 5000 tonnes for a 50 kilogram product.

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