The roof and function

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The function of the roof of the house include:

– the function of the roof of the house to avoid sunlight and reduce heat.

Although it provides many benefits for humans and other living creatures, there are times when sunlight also has a negative impact on our health.

Quite often the sun is too hot to make us feel uncomfortable. Even more dangerous radiation can cause skin cancer.

These bad effects can of course be avoided by taking shelter in the shade. In the context of the building, the roof is the element of protection.

In order to function optimally, it helps us not to underestimate the roof design that we apply. Especially in tropical countries that incidentally get sun all year round,

The choice of shape and roof material has a major effect on its ability to resist heat.

In general, the sloping roof has a better response to heat, because it has a cavity under the roof that serves as an area of ​​air circulation.

Its function is to expel heat. Besides being influenced by the shape, the material we use also has a role in breaking down the heat of the sun’s temperature. The heat insulation material which is placed under the outer roof covering, for example, is able to reduce extremely hot temperatures during the day.

On the other hand, the roof can also be a sun entrance for spaces without windows, especially those located in the middle of a building. All you have to do is make a skylight (transparent roof). Use laminated glass so that incoming sunlight is not too sharp.

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