The 5 Most Effective Ways To Cheat Your Weighbridge!

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What if you were the victim of a fraud of which you were not aware? Have you suffered losses so far, but in such a small amount that they are not visible? Even if it is small, if it continues, it will be a big loss for your company.

Here are some of the wrong weighing methods at weigh stations and also how to fix them:

1. Wrong position

This is the easiest way to cheat on weighing bridges. If any part of a truck leaves the weighbridge, or any part of another truck is weighed, the weighing amount will be wrong and the materials shipped and received will not be the same.

How can we avoid this? The first is to add gates at the start and end of the weighbridge, so that you can ensure that only the trucks are weighted. The second is with the DataBridge MS Software, which combines data on the delivery and receipt of materials, so that you can be sure that the materials in the truck can arrive at their destination in the correct quantity.

2. Damaging / disrupting load cell work

An object may be added, at a certain point on the weighbridge, to increase or decrease the number of scales according to the truck driver’s preference. In fact, these items can be purchased online so they are easy to get. It controls how weight is displayed on the scale while the truck is being weighed. Analog scales are the most vulnerable to this scam, as they do not have the anti-hack system that digital scales have.

The way to solve this is to use POWERCELL PDX and DataBridge Software. POWERCELL PDX has a sophisticated technology to avoid fraud by objects that can interfere with the weighing process. Another feature of the DataBridge software is the weighing curve that is recorded from the time the truck enters and stops for the weighing process. The correct curve will look like a bell, so if it fluctuates, then something is wrong with the load cell at the weighbridge.

3. Additional load

Additional loads (such as drums filled with water) are also weighed during the initial weighing, then emptied during loading and unloading. This results in the amount of material received not the same as the difference in weighing before and after loading and unloading.

DataBridge Software can help avoid this scam by adding an allowable loading and unloading time feature. With this feature, the operator or truck driver must concentrate on unloading the delivered material, without having time to empty the additional load. If the loading and unloading time is more than the stipulated time, the supervisor or manager must go to the field to check what is happening in the field.

4. Lost burden

The load sent by the supplier must be the same as that received by the buyer. In this case, during delivery, the truck driver decides to carry a little more load than requested by the buyer (for example 30300 kg). This excess load (300 kg) will then be unloaded at the designated place, and collected again after the delivery is complete. So that at the time of receipt, the buyer is satisfied with the amount of material received (30000 kg). But of course the superiors of the supplier company feel they are experiencing a loss. If this continues every week, in a year the amount of losses the company will suffer will be quite large.

The way to overcome this is by connecting data between suppliers and buyers, using DataBridge Software. With this software, the quantity of weighing at the time of delivery will be immediately received by the buyer. So that the amount sent with the received must be exactly the same. This method can give you confidence that screams like this will not happen.

5. Entering wrong data or changing data

Finally, if the software itself can be changed arbitrarily by the operator, then the solution above cannot be implemented. Therefore, Mettler Toledo has designed the DataBridge Software to have the most important security system and avoid hacking into the software to change the data that has been entered.

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