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Eric Lau is the founder of Ericanfly, Digital Marketing Agency has over 20 years of experience in SEO, Google Ads & Web Design Services. He is a Google certified partner in Digital Sales, Google Shopping & Google Ad Search, Display, Youtube and Mobile Video.

Get your business RANK # 1 pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing with Ericanfly SEO Malaysia Services. We are SEO Specialist & Google Partners Malaysia with over 10 years experience in providing local SEO & Google Ads. SEO price from RM1000.

What industry can your SEO Services cover?

We serve clients from various corporate website, SMI & SME to public listed company.  Our SEO customers comprise various industries including medical, technology, industrial, consumer, services, professional services, manufacturers, suppliers, hvac, electronics, roofing, oil and gas, software, education, insect control, commerce, engineering, home improvement and more.

How long will you take to SEO our website?

Organic SEO results will take longer time compare to Google Ads. Usually it will take 3 – 4 months so that you can see your keywords getting ranked well on Google. We will send you keyword SEO Keywords month each month for each week to monitor your keyword rank report.

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