Parties and Celebration

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Looking for a cool, fun, private space in KL with plenty of entertainment and instagrammable features to throw your 21st birthday party or celebrate your Bachelor Night? Their Party Room is just what you are looking for. 

Coupled with a karaoke jukebox and other fun facilities like console games and board games, their Party Room has 3 different sizes and are able to accommodate up to 100 pax at one time. Enjoy your own private space with freshly prepared food and beverages served from our in-house café whilst having access to their other signature facilities – the VS Hall with over 40 fun and unique attractions and The Dry Pool.

Party room is an all-in-one private event space catering for all sorts of celebrations from Birthday Parties, Private Events, Gathering Sessions, Bachelor/Hens Nights to fun-environment Training Room for rent.

Whether it’s a celebration to a private function or training space, they are ready to host you & accommodate to all your needs!

For more information about Birthday Party Package KL, please visit

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