Definition, Function, Benefits of Video Conference

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What is Video Conference

Video conferencing is a technology that allows users located in different locations to hold face-to-face meetings without having to move to one shared location. This technology is very convenient and practical for users who are engaged in business, corporate and personal from various cities and different countries.

This certainly saves time, costs and hassles associated with business travel or, as it is now, safe in their respective homes despite the presence of COVID-19. You can also save on accommodation if you are used to holding meetings on a large scale. Uses for video conferencing include holding regular meetings, negotiating business deals, and interviewing candidates / prospective workers.

The functions and benefits of video conferencing

1. Business sector

Video conferencing is important because it brings together people who normally can’t form face-to-face connections. In business, this can increase productivity among employees as well as provide a better way to communicate and interact with colleagues, partners and customers. The obvious benefits of video conferencing include lower travel costs – especially for employee training – and shorter project time as a result of improved communication among team members.

2. Personal use

On a personal level, this face-to-face connection via video conferencing helps smooth non-verbal communication in exchange and allows participants to develop a stronger sense of intimacy with an individual or group of people such as family and relatives.

3. Public

The community also needs video conferencing to exchange news and inform one another. Houses of worship can also take advantage of this teleconference application to continue to worship together or continue to do online recitation.

4. Field of education

Since COVID-19 was legalized as an international pandemic, apart from closed public places and offices, schools have closed earlier, causing all learning activities to be diverted to video conferencing as well as classes that can be accessed online. Of course, here all these applications are the only place for all learning activities to continue.

5. Health

Following and adapting to the needs of the community in overcoming the spread of coronavirus, video conferencing for the health sector has also changed their application to specifically respond to all health problems online. You don’t need to go to a clinic or hospital because to contact a doctor, now you can simply use a telemedicine application such as Halodoc.

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