Proper use of aluminum alloy die casting fittings. For the metal processing industry, die-casting parts are the necessary conditions for die-casting production. Casting parts can be made in various shapes. Casting parts with proper and reasonable structure can play an important role in casting. But in practice, die-casting parts often fail. How can we use die-casting parts properly to ensure high production?

Die Casting Parts Application Method

  1. High quality mold. Only by using high quality die can the die-casting part life be basically extended.
  2. Reasonable planning. To work better, it is necessary to plan the wall thickness of the die casting part and other die sizes.
  3. Simple polish. No high polishing, polishing with the appropriate method.
  4. Oxidation. The die casting part should be oxidized.
  5. Correct proper preheating. The die casting part should be heated to the appropriate temperature in the correct manner.
  6. Moderate cooling. To ensure that the die casting part is moderately cooled, the cooling water temperature should be maintained at a temperature of 40 – 50 C.
  7. Rational use. If temporary closure is required, cooling water should be reduced to prevent heat shock from the die casting part during starting.

What are the problems to look for when cleaning aluminum alloys discarded after welding? During welding, a small amount of heat can be transferred to the outside of the base metal quickly. Therefore, when casting aluminum casting, more energy is used in other parts of the metal. In order to obtain high quality welding, we should make every effort to use energy concentrated energy, high power power or pre-heating technology measures. The ratio of expansion area of ​​aluminum during solidification is greater, and the deformation and stress of welded aluminum casting is greater. Therefore, measures to prevent welding deformation should be taken. If the base metal is strengthened by deformation or solution, the strength of the HAZ will be reduced by the welding heat. In the process of condensation of the welding pool and rapid cooling, hydrogen cannot overflow and easily forms hydrogen pores. Strict control over hydrogen sources can prevent the formation of stomata.

Some points to keep in mind when cleaning after casting aluminum welding:

(1) Economy: It belongs to the type of dilution products, low concentration application, low cleaning cost.

(2) High efficiency: good degreasing and degreasing effect, fast speed.

(3) Compatibility: non-corrosive cleaning material.

(4) Usability: It can meet the needs of ultrasonic washing, washing and cleaning. It is an ideal support product for cleaning and domestic machines.

(5) Safety: non-toxic to human body, no pollution to the environment, easy disposal of waste liquid.

What are the factors influencing the shrinkage of die aluminum alloys? The quality of aluminum casting has a great influence on the function of the machine. Different sizes of aluminum can meet the needs of different industrial sectors. Therefore, aluminum casting shrinkage is very important. In the casting process, the quality control and inspection of aluminum casting also tests whether a die casting plant is great in technology. So what are the factors that influence the shrinkage of aluminum casting?

Sand casting technology, metal casting technology, pressure casting technology, steel casting technology and sand casting technology are used in the aluminum casting process. The cost is much lower than a pressure breaker. Some aluminum castings use steel mold casting technology. Its accuracy and quality can reach the same level as diecast technology. A good casting mill can control the shrinkage of aluminum casting as long as these factors are mastered.

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