KAESER filters ensure a dependable and cost-effective source of quality compressed air Compressed air filters from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN are ideally suited for use with their compressors and compressed air drying systems. This ensures dependable compressed air treatment and exceptional efficiency.

Air dryer is a tool that works to eliminate water content in compressed water (compressed air). This system is usually one unit of process with compressors. The compressed air resulting from the compressor partially enters the storage tank and some is dried using a dryer.

The use of dry air is much needed in large industries. As I explained in the previous article that dry air, or commonly referred to as a water instrument, is used as a source of actuator from valves and dampers (pneumatic actuators). Also in the telecommunications industry world, pressurized dry air is used to cover underground cables to avoid short circuits due to dew formation.

The compressed air is dried, it will undergo a dew point reduction process. Dew point is the temperature value needed to cool a certain amount of air, at constant pressure, so that the water vapor contained condenses. The value of dew point reduction depends on the specification of the water dryer used and the need for its consumption.

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