Being a multifunctional item, a photocopier in Malaysia is one of the most vital equipment utilized in an office. They are not just duplicating your important papers but also scanning and sending out to different computer systems, printing, and most importantly, being your major device to get your job done much easier and faster. No matter the size of your copier, they are no little investment. So, if you want to obtain the most for your cash, appropriate maintenance and care are crucial in keeping your ricoh photostat machine in Malaysia in good shape since it would certainly not only extend its life but improve your office performance. Today, almost every individual knows how to use a photocopier, but how many of us know how to keep it in good shape?……… ‘I’m sure that’s just a few’. However, below are 5 awesome tips for keeping your multifunctional photocopier in good shape.

  1. Get rid of dirt and debris: Accumulation of dirt, printer toner and also other particles inside your copier can trigger jams along with streaks of ink that pop up on documents where you do not want them. To clean that, simply remove the particles making use of a small vacuum cleaner because it would get rid of the dirt appropriately rather than spraying it inside or around the machine.
  2. Appropriate positioning of the machine: Placing your photocopier far from high traffic locations and extreme temperature level changes are essential. This is due to the fact that high traffic increases high dust particles in the air which can affect the machine’s efficiency. However, also ensure that you put your ricoh photostat machine away from heating systems, air conditioners, and direct display to sunlight because it would as well affect it.
  3. Make use of a good quality paper: Utilizing a good quality paper is advisable in order to avoid not only paper jams but paper dust also. If you are not a photocopier technician, you are possibly not informed that paper dust can accumulate inside your device, causing photo quality issues. Recycled paper and reduced quality paper emits much more dust. Although a low-quality paper may be cost attractive, purchasing a high-quality paper would save you cash over time.
  4. Changing the toner: Whenever you observe that this item is almost empty, all you need to do is replace it. To change the toner, you simply have to open the process unit and take out the toner container, replacing it with a new one. Also, do not forget to shake it well before putting it in the process unit and after that, cover it properly.
  5. Changing the Air Filter: It is very necessary that you change the air filter every month. This would ensure that you are regularly drawing in good clean air right into the machine, thereby prolonging the lifespan of your Multifunctional Photocopier and also giving it optimal protection.

In order to ensure that your photocopier in Malaysia operates properly and does not give you unforeseen problems, it is essential that you spend your time in proper maintenance as well as reserving a day weekly or every two weeks to service the machine to keep producing clear copies of documents. Finally, following the tips listed above, your ricoh photostat machine would definitely turn out to be a principal item in your office.

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